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Avalon Hill Boxed Games

Please Note:

We will be gradually listing a large number of Avalon Hill boxed board games. All games are sold in an "as is" condition. We always make a serious attempt to determine if anything is missing from these games. But please be advised: Some of the games' sheer numbers of counters/instruction/game playing materials etc. and reasonable time constraints necessarily preclude us from determining a particular game's absolute integrity. Upon specific inquiry we will gladly reevaluate a particular game's content.

Maharaja. Avalon Hill. Unpunched counters in VG box includes gamerules booklet in stapled wraps, multipart, folding game board, cards and dice. This board game "broadly depicts wars in, and migrations to, the subcontinent of India...from 1500 BC to 1850 AD." $30.00

Russian Front. Avalon Hill. Unpunched counters in Near Very Good box. Includes both Basic Game and Battle Manual gamerules booklets in separate stapled wraps, multipart folding game board, seven separate tables/charts still attached in original "pad" type format and a single die. Rare in unpunched condition. $90.00

1914 World War I Strategy Game. Avalon Hill, 1968; in a Good Plus illus., box with punched counters, four paneled folding game board, the 4 pg., folded Instructions booklet, the Battle Manual in stapled wraps, two pads of Mobilization Charts with two or three loose Mobilization Charts including two with previous owner's penciled game notations, two Unit Counter Charts, an Introductory Game chart, twenty Game Variation Cards and the Combat Results Tables chart. Scarce. $45.00

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